Since launching TRIPP in 2018, we’ve streamed over 2 million virtual reality-based wellness sessions, tripled our user base, and today announced $11M in funding for a total of $15M — no small feat for a female-founded company in a year when women received only 2.2% of venture capital.

We’re now one step closer to making mental health support more accessible.

But while we’re seemingly focused on matters of the mind, what’s made us successful as the fastest-growing digital psychedelics platform is leading with heart.

During this time of great upheaval due to coronavirus, our recovery community is likely to see an increase in relapse rates, mental health issues and suicides. With the inability to attend 12 Step Meetings, we still need a way to share our experience, strength and hope with each other and with new people struggling with addiction and alcoholism. It gives us purpose and is a cornerstone of our recovery program.

I know a lot of people, not just people in recovery, are afraid and feeling isolated right now. I feel very fortunate to have an active recovery community in my…

Today, I am honored to announce that TRIPP, our adaptive digital health company that develops products to address mental wellness, focus and productivity, together with Sober Grid, the world’s largest mobile addiction recovery community, announced the receipt of a highly-competitive $1.7M “fast track” grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The grant is presented in two phases to streamline the administrative process with the first phase launching immediately under NIDA’s Small Business Innovation Research grant program. Both study phases will take place at Houston’s renowned Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center.

The 5-Part Daily Practice That Has Changed My Life

I remember sitting in a conference room during the economic crisis of 2008. I sat still, focusing on my breath instead of latching onto the very palpable fear in the room. I had meditated before, but without much success — and I decided this was the right time to try something new. I chose to be fully engaged in the present moment, rather than retreat from it.

By taking a moment to pause, I was able to bring a solution-oriented mindset to that conversation, and my boss turned to me as…

A mindful and joyful approach through the journey of dying

WARNING: Some images may be disturbing to those who are sensitive to images of death.

As much as our 20’s and 30’s are about building our careers and our families, our later years can often become about dealing with loss. We hit our 40’s and our parents begin to show signs of fragility, friends and family members begin to confront illnesses. Sometimes there are those tragic and sudden events at any age that shake us to our core and we are hit with storms of anger, fear and confusion that hound us throughout our day-to-day experiences.

You may never know…

Transform Your Work and Your Life by Saying YES to Change

To innovate is to have a vision of the future and paint it on the canvas of the present. The future isn’t somewhere out “there” in the distance — we bring it to life with the ideas we nurture today and the actions we take now.

And the first action we must take to realize a better future for ourselves, our work and our world is to take the “No” out of Innovation.

Because, whether we admit it or not, we are hard-wired to resist change. We reject things…

By Nanea Reeves

My husband is dying. He is a man who began his journey in this lifetime with a rough start, stumbled and fell quite a few times before ultimately transforming himself into a quiet compassionate force of nature. He is also the only man I have ever loved with all of my heart. The others just got little pieces of it.

Nanea Reeves

Nanea(nah-nay-ah) is CEO & Co-Founder of TRIPP, focused on creating mood altering experiences in VR.

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